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     In the early 70th I got to know Peggy and Vern Johnson from Marjon's Kennel in Santa Ana California/USA.

     Both are successful breeders, exhibitors and judges of English Springer Spaniels. Till today a close friendship associates Peggy and me. Her husband Vern died in 2005.

     My first two Springer Spaniels, both of them liver and white male dogs loving humans und horses, came from their breeding.

     Sherlock 1 became nearly 12 years old, and Sherlock 2 attained an age of 15 years.

     Sherlock 2 shouldn't stay alone. Therefore my sunshine Michele joined us in the year 2000 from Carol Hamilton of All-Time English Springer Spaniel Kennel, and so the story began ...


Peggy and Vern Johnson

Memory of Vern

Petra and her dogs


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